To Kansas City, UMKC!

Hello! After about a 5 hour drive to Mi to meet up with a few colleagues followed by another 13 hour drive, I finally made it to Kansas City! What a beautiful city. I was able to climb a building for this pic.. I think it was above the Cheesecake Factory 😉


We made the trek out here to attend the 2014 University of Missouri-Kansas City Composition Workshop. Today was the first day and so far it is going well! The workshop features and is run by Mara Gibson, James Mobberly, Paul Rudy, Michael Hall and the newEar Ensemble.  






I am pretty pumped about this workshop and the Pedagogy track that they offer for the graduate students.We will get the chance to teach some classes as well as mentor a younger colleague. It is about a week long and I feel I will learn a lot from the faculty and guest artists here. This place is pretty exciting. Check it out some time! 🙂