New Works!


Good news here. I have completed two new commissions. The first is Chão de fogo,” for my good friend and Portuguese pianist Miguel Sousa. Plans have been made to include this work on his next recital in Michigan. It has been very exciting working with Miguel on this work and I think it will be quite evident in the work. Miguel’s performance, I am sure will be wonderful! 🙂

The second work that is finished is also for a friend in Michigan. Aurther Kimmons III will be premiering “Ubuntu,” a work for trumpet, trombone, and tuba. This was especially fun to compose due to it’s rhythmic intensity and drive. Sorry about the chops guys, but it will be so much fun! 

Recordings will be up as soon as possible!

I am very excited to be actively composing new works and I wanted to thank you all for your support!

tchau! 🙂