Finally, an update!

This semester has been extremely busy. From commissions to class work, I have not had much time to keep you up-to-date. So, a few things related to composition have been taking shape. A duo for the wonderful Duo Esplanade has been slowly coming together for their midwest tour in November. These dates will be listed shortly.  

This November, my large mixed chamber work, Twilight Resound will be premiered at the University of Akron on Nov. 10th at 7:30 pm in Guzzetta Hall. It can be characterized by: a jam session between 4 percussionists, wailing horns, an edgy and protruding tenor saxophone melody, a mixture of Brazil, west African, and Eastern European influences and a fully improvised section to round it off. If you can make it, stop on by! 

Up and coming in the spring, I will be collaborating with Kent State University’s saxophone quartet to create a groove oriented and improvised work. I am very excited for this opportunity. More info to come. 

The Dance Suite for solo piano received its first performance in its entirety this past month with Sadie Fellows at the piano. This concert was held at Cleveland State University as part of the Cleveland Composers Guild. Once I have received this recording, I will be posting it on here for you to listen. There are a few other programs where this work will be included, so I will keep you posted so you can hear it live! A review from this concert from can be found here: REVIEW

The Mercurial Cardinal has seen a couple more performances as well. Thank you again to Mary Ann Griebling, the Tuesday Musical Association, and Friends of Music for these opportunities. These two concerts featured a nice array of diverse styles of music. A very nice premiere by James Wilding, featuring baritone saxophone and piano, was also included on the Tuesday Musical concert.  A nice review of this concert written by Stephen Griebling in the November 2015 Tuesday Musical Assoc. members’ newsletter can be found below.TMpg 5 review