Below you will find links to amazing musicians and related material that I enjoy. Check them out sometime and I hope you find as much pleasure. 🙂

Jay Batzner – Composer

Evan Boegehold – Composer, Barbershop

Guy V. Bordo – Conductor 

Nathan Brown – Composer, Trombone

Ayça Çetin – Flute

Bryce Craig– Composer, Percussion

Duo Esplanade – New music group

Mara Gibson – Composer

David Gillingham – Composer

Michael Hall– Viola

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN – Contemporary Classical Music Blog

Kavazabava – Eastern European Folk music group

Lemon Bucket Orkestra – Canada’s only balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super-band

Stephen Lounsbrough – Composer

Daniel McCarthy – Composer

James Mobberley – Composer 

Frank Nawrot – Composer, Guitar

New Music Box – New Music USA Web Publication

Nikola Resanovic – Composer

Mike Romaniak – Composer, Sopilka

Paul Rudy – Composer

Frank Wiley – Composer

Katsuya Yuasa – Clarinet