Lick Twenty-7 Blue (2017) for trombone, bass guitar, and piano

Esperança waits (2015) for solo piano

I am an ocean (2016) for mezzo-soprano and piano

Weepers (2015) for flute and clarinet

Fantasy of Nuance (2014) for unaccompanied saxophone

Kava (2013) for Kavazabava (mixed ensemble)

Ne? (2013) for unaccompanied flute

The Mercurial Cardinal (2013) for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano

Dance Suite (2013) for Solo Piano

Evening Stroll (2011) for three Trombones              

Apollo’s Laurel Tree (in pursuit of Daphne) (2012) for Wind Quintet

Coercion (2010) for Flute, Clarinet and Cello

Ne? (2014) transcription for unaccompanied saxophone 


American Traveler Suite (2012)
                     Duration: 10’
                               II. Desolate Plains, Premiered April 5, 2012. The Music Settlement,                                             Cleveland Oh.The Cleveland Chamber Symphony. Steven Smith,                                                 conductor. *Recording on request due to permissions

The Life of Pan (2011)



Samba Batutude I (2014)
                   Duration: ca 5′ (without optional improvisation section)
Premiere April 23, 2014. Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI.                                                                 Non-Major Percussion Ensemble: Quartet. James Gunther, conductor.