Kevin Alexander Wilson is a composer curious about various perspectives on life, and music held by cultures throughout the world. His works reflect a variety of musical characteristics from differing origins. He is particularly interested in intercultural composition and the collaboration and inclusion process of performer input and improvisation, often leaving the performer to freely interpret sections and/or full pieces.

Performances of his music have been hosted internationally and nationality in multiple U.S states. He has received performances with Grammy Award winning Cleveland Chamber Symphony, University of Akron Symphony Orchestra, UA New Music Ensemble, Kent State New Music Ensemble, Duo Esplanade, the Greater Cleveland Flute Society, Kavazabava, and other individual performers. Works have been included in North American Saxophone Alliance, and Society of Composers Inc. conference programs. He was the grand prize recipient of the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Collegiate Composition award.

Current projects include steel pan ensemble arrangements, flute and cello duo, and a work for orchestra. Also, he is working with the Kent State University Psychology Department to provide musical analysis and coding for research studies concerning affects of music and text on anxiety in African American adolescent girls in Northeast Ohio.

Born in a suburb of Cleveland in 1990 and raised in various Northeast Ohio cites, he has studied at the University of Akron, Central Michigan University, and Kent State University (Nikola Resanovic, and Daniel McCarthyDavid Gillingham, and Jay Batzner, and Frank Wiley respectively). Other important mentors include Guy V. Bordo, and Alexandra Mascolo-DavidFor the past few summers, he has worked with the faculty at University of Missouri Kansas City during composition festivals. Kevin is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Music Theory/Composition and a Masters degree in Ethnomusicology. His compositional affiliations include: ASCAP, Society of Composers, and the Cleveland Composers Guild.