Keynote Address @ BGSU

Thanks again for visiting my site! I have another exciting update to share with you. It has been a while but I am now able to announce that I will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Bowling Green State University Graduate Conference in Music! It is being held February 24-25, 2017 at the Moore Musical Arts Center in Bowling Green, Ohio. Thank you again to Melissa Bialecki for this opportunity to share my experiences and output!

The theme of the conference focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to music scholarship through discourse within and outside of the traditional fields in music (composition, musicology, theory, history, etc). Papers may include discussion between these fields, or may also incorporate methodologies from other disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy, psychology, and/or sociology. bgsu

For my presentation titled, “Merging Musical Discourse: Eliminating Disciplinary Boundaries with a Holistic Approach,” I will be discussing my experience as a student and researcher in the fields of music composition, theory, and ethnomusicology. While my degrees are focused in each of three disciplines, my research and output is often a mixture of the three, but also includes theories and methodologies from disciplines outside of music. 

Specifically, my address will emphasize curiosity and fulfilling the curiosity by venturing into different realms in order to fully examine and provide a holistic perspective of a research topic. I briefly discuss my experience and output in my undergraduate, masters, and doctorate levels of study while focusing on the holistic and interdisciplinary approach in my compositions, as well as articles of research. 

Stop by if you can. The whole conference program is looking to be very exciting!